Thursday, March 27, 2008

So What Are Our Options?

On of my blog readers, ha that sounds good doesn't it (smile) I think there might be 3 of you out there and 2 are my relatives!, whoops got off track there. Ok well one of my readers asked me the other day about some alternatives for the Nalgene delema! It seems that I did not give you all an alternative to the BPA leeching Nalgenes.
I guess one of the reasons is that I have been a little disappointed with the prices of the alternates I have found. I recently stumbled on one though that is a little better priced it is made by Camelback and can be found here. There are also the Sigg bottles, they have really cute kids designs as well as the Klean Kanteen bottles. If you purchase any of these let me know what you think!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just Plain Sad

While wondering tonight if I should write this blog or not I started thinking about this question...How personal is too personal on a blog? I imagine this varies from person to person so I guess then I have to ask myself, how personal is too personal for me? With that in mind I almost decided not to post this but ya'll have walked with me through so many other things, why not this!

Today while working out(yep trying to lose those last few baby pounds!) in the gym I was watching the news on TV, let me tell you it was horrific! First it talked about a woman who held an infant under scalding water and killed him, next came a man who put a baby in a microwave, and last a couple who tossed their sweet baby out of their moving car and killed her. I was so horrified by all of this! I imagine that my face must have been very contorted with the awfulness of it all. Then tonight while contemplating all of these tragedies I began to think of our sweet baby, the one I carried inside me for almost 8 months, the one I loved and desperately wanted. The little human that would have been born into a family that would love her and never even imagine doing any of the horrific things I heard about today. And it makes me wonder why, why did it have to happen. You would think that after all this time, almost 2 years, the question would be settled, but you know what, I don't think it ever will.

So as you read this remember to snuggle close to your little ones, hug them tight, and make sure they know just how much you love them!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Skin Deep

I recently read about this site and have found it really useful. I love how you can search to find the products you use and see just how "bad" or "good" they are for your body. The other feature I love is at the top where you can click on different tabs and then learn about products that have less of a hazard on your body. I have considered myself to be pretty healthy but this site showed me that some of those supposedly healthy products I have used on myself and the kids are really not that great! I even purchased most of them at the health food store, it just goes to show that even in health food stores you have to read labels and realize that not everything there is really healthy!
I hope ya'll find it helpful!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

No no nalgene!

As some of you know we used to be die hard Nalgene bottle fans! Well with all the recent news about plastics leaching BPA, which is a chemical that mimics our natural hormones and wreaks havoc with our bodies, I have been searching for an alternative so that we as a family can take water with us while we are out.
I found this website and love how they give reviews, it is through them that I decided to purchase some Funtainers for my kids. They have lots of designs to choose from, we ended up going to Target for ours and both kids got Spiderman cups because that was all they had. Micah and Maddie were thrilled with their cups and they love taking them with us when we are out and about! They come with an extra straw and sippy spout which I really appreciate.
Now I need to find a replacement for Michael and me! I don't think he would greatly appreciate walking around with a Funtainer!
Oh and on the same note when we are at home the kids either use their Funtainers or our regular glasses, I just don't like them using plastic because of this BPA stuff.
I really encourage you to check it out and judge for yourself if you feel it is safe for your family or not!

Monday, March 03, 2008

How does our homeschool go....

I had wanted to post some pictures and blog about them but since Michael is gone and I am a bit technologically challenged at times I thought I would share what we do for homeschool.

We are currently using Sonlight, I love that this is a Christ focused curriculum and that it is literature based. I love to read and really want to instill that in our children. We are using Core B. We have used this two years in a row because I did not feel we were ready to move onto another Core. I am excited though because this fall we will move onto Core C. If you are even just thinking about homeschooling I would encourage you to go check Sonlight out!

In addition to Sonlight we are using RightStart Mathematics. This program is not the conventional math program but it set really well with Michael and I, he is a math major and was pretty impressed by this math curriculum.

I had decided to take some advice from another blog I read and do a hymn a month with the kids. I found a wonderful book "Then Sings My Soul", I like it because it includes the hymn words as well as the story behind the hymn. Right now we are working on "Be Though My Vision". I love the words and beautiful melodies of old hymns!

At the beginning of our home education time we focus on our memory verse for the week, sing our hymn of the month, sing some other fun songs, and pray.
Do you do a school time during your day? Share what you do and we can learn from one another!