Thursday, March 27, 2008

So What Are Our Options?

On of my blog readers, ha that sounds good doesn't it (smile) I think there might be 3 of you out there and 2 are my relatives!, whoops got off track there. Ok well one of my readers asked me the other day about some alternatives for the Nalgene delema! It seems that I did not give you all an alternative to the BPA leeching Nalgenes.
I guess one of the reasons is that I have been a little disappointed with the prices of the alternates I have found. I recently stumbled on one though that is a little better priced it is made by Camelback and can be found here. There are also the Sigg bottles, they have really cute kids designs as well as the Klean Kanteen bottles. If you purchase any of these let me know what you think!


Blogger Doris M McDonnell said...

i have been using klean kanteen for sippy cups for awhile now and absolutely love them. worth the money. (you can get the avent sippy spouts separately on various websites if they are out at klean kanteen.) i also give them as gifts to people and they are always excitedly received.

9:50 PM

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