Saturday, January 19, 2008

Book Review!

I recently bought this book because many of the blogs I frequent have been talking about it for months. Let me tell you it deserves all of the rave reviews that it is receiving. I greatly enjoyed this book because it gives practical advice on how to be a better mother and wife as well as letting you know that the struggles you face are struggles that many women deal with. I highly recommend this book and encourage you to purchase it. I have to admit that while I am an avid reader this book took me a bit longer than normal to get through, the reason being that it was so full of deep truths that I could not just zip through the chapters, I had to read a chapter at a time or even just a few pages at a time and then go back and mull it over. I have lent my copy out but when I get it back I will be rereading it, yep it's that good. If you do purchase it please share your thoughts, I would love to hear what other women have to say about this excellent book!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby Lainey

Several of you have expressed interest in seeing the new addition to our ya go! I know it has been almost three and a half months and I am just getting them up, sorry about that. These are pictures of her when she was just born and then just a few days after that. I have to say that she is the most wonderful baby! I am so incredibly blessed. She never got her days and nights mixed up, a phenomenon that occurred with both Micah and Maddie. She rarely cries, we are really in tune with one another, and she has a wonderfully big grin! Can you tell she has stolen my heart. I attribute my great love for her to two things, first she filled my arms after a great loss, second I am more relaxed and experienced as a mother, I feel that I instinctively know when she wants to sleep, eat, and play. Recently someone asked me if going from 2-3 children was tough. My answer to them might surprise you.....I felt that going from 1-2 children was much more challenging! Little Lainey really fits in with us so well and hardly threw us off balance at all. Her big brother and sister adore her and are wonderful with her. I can count on them to entertain her when she is a little fussy or if I just need to quickly get something done.

Without further ado here is Miss. Lainey Allegra

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A question

Do babies drool so much because they have no teeth? Lainey has been drooling a lot recently and I have wondered if it was her toothless state that caused it. Do our teeth help keep our drool in?What do ya'll think?

Dirty H2O

I thought that I might provide ya'll with some amusement at my expense. While I am enjoying my new life up here in Texas there are certain things that are hard to get used to. I'll tell you about one now and hopefully as they come up and as I remember I will post about some other ones.

When we first got up here it was hard for me to remember that the tap water was not dirty. I have now more or less gotten used to it, but today after being here for over 5 months I caught myself thinking...Oh no don't touch that food, you have tap water on your hands, and you will contaminate it and no one will be able to eat it! Yes go ahead and laugh at me, it's ok.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cold weather

Recently, while at my cousins house, the kids were watching cartoons. When the commercials would come on it was all about cold weather, snow, and how to put on all the appropriate cold weather clothing. I found this really amusing because while we can occasionally have a cold day down here in South Texas we really never require all of that snow gear. For example, today my kids could have worn shorts and a t-shirt in the afternoon. I know that for many of you those commercials are appropriate but not so much for us!
What's the weather like up in your neck of the woods?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Where oh Where...

So I am sure that all of you have been wondering where in the world I have been. I took quite the bloggy break! But here I am and ready it get back into the swing of things!!!
To start it off let me tell you a little story about Maddie. This happened this morning and as it was happening I was thinking, Wow I have to blog about this!
So the two older kids and I were in the bathroom cleaning. I was at the sink and Micah was cleaning the counter. I look over and Maddie was not helping, she was spreading something all over her lips and upon closer inspection I saw that it was all natural hemorrhoid balm. Yep my daughter was slathering tushie paste all over her lips. When I told her what it was for she quickly tried to wipe it her credit I will say that it looked like a chapstick container.
We are finally getting our house in order. Now the chaos is contained in my bedroom, hopefully I will be able to tackle that within the next week!