Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Been 3 Years

Yesterday we celebrated a life, not a life that we knew out of utero but a life non the less. Charlsie Grace has been gone for 3 years now, she was my daughter and my children's sister. It's funny I always imagine, every year, how we will celebrate her life, it never turns out how I imagine it, but every year it's perfect.

This past year has been easier in terms of her death, I don't cry quite as much, but I still do cry. Yesterday I thought I would have some time to look over her pictures, remember her birth, and think about the short 32 weeks I had her inside of me. Instead (and I smile as I write this) I was snuggling and nursing 2 teething babies who were a bit misserable and in need of mommy love. I finally made it to Wal Mart at about 6pm to get the necessary items for the celebration. Wasn't what I had planned but that's ok. We have added another member to our family since last year so Baby Charlsie has another brother. This yearly tradition of remembering our daughter and sister has turned into a really special family time. I want my children to remember their sister, she is still part of our family even though she is up in heaven.

Can you see the balloon? Every year we write a special message to baby Charlsie and send the balloons up up up and away!

The kids getting ready to send off their baloons.

Eating cream puffs!

Sweet Lainey not feeling so hot!

Having fun in the sun, it's a Celebration of life after all!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Belly laugh!!!

Couldn't resist adding this one....

Houston Children's Museum


Sweet Lainey...who is potty training btw!

Ok Lisa are ya happy now ? :)

Picture Post

My two handsome boys! Doesn't Josiah's face just crack you up!!!

We recently went to a party and someone gave the girls some "contraband" i.e. cheese balls! They never eat them at home so you can imagine how they scarfed them down!

The kids are so helpful with the baby :)

In case anyone questions where this little guy was born!
You know how we Texans can be....(whoops I'm not a Texan!) I guess it's rubbed off on me!