Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ok Here Goes.....

All right, Michael has shown me how to post so now I have no more excussess! I am commited, I will have to start posting now, I don't have a choice, hehe! At least I have lots of ideas on what to write about.
For this time though I will just put some pictures of the kids for those of you who would like to see them!

The top picture is the kids in the wash tub we call a pool, we have looked everywhere for some of those hard plastic pools and can't find them! How frustrating.
Next pic. is of Maddie all muddie, we recently put in grass and the kids have had so much fun with our back yard now but if the water is on they get really dirty.
And the last picture is of the two kids in front of their tent when we went camping in the mountains, lets just say that trip was a bit of a disaster when everyone ended up in our tent in the middle of the night!