Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's A Miracle

Recently, while Michael was away, the kids and I watched the new Charlotte's Web movie. We all really enjoyed it and I mentioned to Micah that I had read the book when I was younger. This really interested him so even though I thought it might be a bit early for him to read chapter books with me I called a friend and she gave us a copy of the book.

I was really proud of Micah because several times a day for a couple weeks he would ask to read a chapter or two. He had lots of great questions and we had such a good time reading together.

In the book there are several words that Micah did not know the meaning of, he would ask me and I would give him the best meaning I could come up with. About a week after we finished reading the book I realized that perhaps I should have looked up the words in the dictionary....

Micah came in the house and said, "Mom, mom, it's a miracle Jed pooped in the yard and it's made a big mess!"
The next time, about a day later, he came in saying, "Mom, it's a miracle, Maddie pulled down her pants and peed in the yard!"
We have since learned that these things do not constitute miracles. He had several other instances of atributing a miracle to something that really wasn't. He hasn't called anything a miracle in awhile now so I guess he figured it out. I at least have learned that I really need to look meanings up in a dictionary!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here's a Good One

Ok well you know you are pregnant(feel free to put any excuse here that works for you) when the phone is ringing and you are searching franticly all over the house for it.....only to find that it is in your back pocket, where you put it, so that you could find it easily! Pretty sad huh? I am sure there will be more funny tails to tell as this pregnancy takes over my brain more and more.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Snuggly Maddie

This last week Maddie was not feeling too well. She had a low grade fever and little white spots in her mouth. Now don't get me wrong I do not like my kids to be sick but....when Maddie doesn't feel well she is unusually snuggly and cuddly. This is not normal behavior for her, she will snuggle pretty well with daddy but not much else. So I took this time to cuddle with her in bed, give her special attention, and enjoy the cuddles! She is now back to herself and active as ever!

On another note I have been rereading a book called Different Children, Different Needs.
I have really enjoyed figuring out our kids personalities and how they mesh with our personalties. This book is a tremendous help because it explains how different children need different parenting techniques according to their personalities. I think you would be greatly blessed by reading this book, just like we were. Also this book is not a one time read, you can go over it many times gleaning new information for how to help your family blend together in the way God intended them to!