Thursday, November 20, 2008

Some humor for your day!

Yesterday while I was making a breakfast of french toast for the kids Micah comes up and puts one hand on the left side of my belly and and his other hand on the right side. Then he exclaims "mommy you are huge!" Yes I know, just what I want to hear early in the morning. Thankfully he mumbled something about being pregnant or about his little brother getting bigger....I can't exactly remember....Normally I love how candid children are and how they are so innocent in what they say in fact Micah probably thought he was giving me a compliment! There are however sometime, like the one I just mentioned, when you wish they were not quite so candid!
I really am thankful for the humor my children bring to my life! What about you, what are you thankful for?

Monday, November 03, 2008

Are They a Blessing???

The event I am about to post about actually happened last Thursday, I have been mulling it around in my head and trying to decide if I actually want to even write about it. The biggest thing holding me back is my fear of getting flamed by others who believe as the person in my post believes. Then I had a chance to talk to my friend GfG and she encouraged me to write about what happened. So here is what happened last Thursday....

I decided to vote early and after putting it off for several days decided to go Thursday. My dh was out of town so I loaded up the kids and off we went. On the way I talked with them about what we were going to do and how important voting is and what it means to vote. We also talked about how it was very important to use inside voices and keep our hands to ourselves. They were now prepped and ready. I put Lainey in her car seat and Micah pushed her while I held Maddie's hand. We walked in and went to our precinct to get our ballot. There were two ladies at the table and one of them said in a pleasant voice "oh you have 3 children" then looking right at my belly she went on to say in a not so pleasant voice "and you are going to have another one!" I did the best I could with my response and said "each of our children is a blessing" I can't remember what she said after that but the other lady, perhaps embarrased by the comment, said "they certainly are well behaved" I was glad she said that but it certainly did not make up for what the other lady had said. I voted and got out of there. And you know what, my kids were really on their best behavior, that was not the reason the lady made her unpleasant remark.

When I got to my car her remark really hit me! I felt sick to my stomach. Normally if someone says something rude about our family size I have been able to blow it off and be ok. For some reason this one was different. I wanted to cry and it took me awhile to get over her comment. When I arrived home I realized that I was also upset that she would have the audacity to say that remark in front of my children. Thankfully it went over their head, and they were able to hear their mommy say they were a blessing! But really her comment implied that this next child is not a blessing and why in the world would I want another one? I wonder how many is too many to this lady.

We personally belive that every child is a blessing and why in the world would we turn away a blessing that God would bestow upon us? We are trying to raise our children to love Jesus and we train them to be obedient. Each of them is a huge joy in our lives and we can't imagine our lives without them! Well this post is getting long enough, I suppose I want to leave you with this....Let's rejoice with others when they are expecting another little one whether it be #1 or #9. It'a good to get that off my chest!