Friday, September 26, 2008

Homeschool Fun!

I have finally returned to posting photos. I know it is long overdue and many have asked so here you go! Michael gave me another short tutorial (sweet man) and now I know how to post them once again. The first three pictures are of our trip yesterday to Sea World. They opened the park up to homeschoolers and for a really reasonable fee we were able to pet dolphins, see a Shamu show and many other fun educational things! The kids had such a good time. In the picture above they are sitting in front of the alligator exhibit.

Here they are making silly faces. Yes I know Lainey has grown so very much!!!!
This morning we went to the Texas Living History Day at the local university. This was a wonderful educational experience and the kids got to see camels, tepees, lots of instruments, hear some good old fashoned Texas music, see a chuck wagon, and much much more.
In keeping with this homeschooling theme we began participating in a homeschool co-op this week as well. Micah and Maddie are taking several classes including a Lit. class, drawing class, and movements class. My part of the co-op is to volunteer in the nursery. I have really enjoyed getting to know other homeschool moms and visiting with them!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.