Monday, March 03, 2008

How does our homeschool go....

I had wanted to post some pictures and blog about them but since Michael is gone and I am a bit technologically challenged at times I thought I would share what we do for homeschool.

We are currently using Sonlight, I love that this is a Christ focused curriculum and that it is literature based. I love to read and really want to instill that in our children. We are using Core B. We have used this two years in a row because I did not feel we were ready to move onto another Core. I am excited though because this fall we will move onto Core C. If you are even just thinking about homeschooling I would encourage you to go check Sonlight out!

In addition to Sonlight we are using RightStart Mathematics. This program is not the conventional math program but it set really well with Michael and I, he is a math major and was pretty impressed by this math curriculum.

I had decided to take some advice from another blog I read and do a hymn a month with the kids. I found a wonderful book "Then Sings My Soul", I like it because it includes the hymn words as well as the story behind the hymn. Right now we are working on "Be Though My Vision". I love the words and beautiful melodies of old hymns!

At the beginning of our home education time we focus on our memory verse for the week, sing our hymn of the month, sing some other fun songs, and pray.
Do you do a school time during your day? Share what you do and we can learn from one another!


Blogger The Stoddard's said...

I don't think that I can add anything, cause I do the same Sonlight that you do! But, you gave me some good ideas, thanks! I like the learning a new song.

8:23 AM


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