Friday, March 07, 2008

Skin Deep

I recently read about this site and have found it really useful. I love how you can search to find the products you use and see just how "bad" or "good" they are for your body. The other feature I love is at the top where you can click on different tabs and then learn about products that have less of a hazard on your body. I have considered myself to be pretty healthy but this site showed me that some of those supposedly healthy products I have used on myself and the kids are really not that great! I even purchased most of them at the health food store, it just goes to show that even in health food stores you have to read labels and realize that not everything there is really healthy!
I hope ya'll find it helpful!


Blogger Michelle in Mx said...

Hey, how ya doing? I'm just hopping in. Thanks for this link!
I hope you and yours are doing well and I'm praying we'll be able to see some pictures soon???

12:38 AM


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