Monday, September 24, 2007

Getting Bigger, no not the kids, ME

Recently Micah came up to me laughing and said....Mom you are getting really hard to hug, your belly keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Needless to say both kids are really excited about the new baby that is coming. I wonder what their reaction will be when they see that all she does is eat, sleep, and poop! Oh and for some reason Maddie seems really excited about changing diapers...we will have to see how that one goes, maybe I will post some pictures for your viewing enjoyment!!!
The whole nesting instinct has hit me hard core so our house has been staying unusually clean and I have a huge urge to organize everything! I am feeling great, which is a huge blessing, I don't think I have ever felt soooo good so close to the due date. I can't wait to share pictures with you all when baby Lainey makes her appearance.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Once again it's been awhile

It's funny, I actually think about blogging quite often, but getting the actual words on our blog is quite another matter.... Since I am sure all of you (if anyone is still checking) are quite tired of the previous post I will update you on our family!

We had a super busy summer, we hosted several teams and did a variety of ministry related activities in the villages we work in. Here is my favorite kid quote from Micah this summer...Michael decided to take Micah out for a couple of nights to a village with a team we were hosting, on the way out Micah looks at me and says,"Mommy, I'm going to tell the people about Jesus" Talk about a tear jerker!

We are now in Texas and awaiting the arrival of the newest Swadley. My kids are enjoying living in my grandparents cabin and all the fun and adventure that brings. They also like all the English being spoken! Micah said he "loved" his Bible class because so many kids spoke English, and the other day when we were driving through McDonalds he asked," Why are the people speaking English" So I told him that in the US the drive through people speak English. Oh and here is another one...In Mexico you can't flush toilet paper down the toilet so when Micah saw me flushing paper he got on me, but now when he flushes he enjoys telling Michael or me "We are in the US, you can flush paper down the toilet here"

The baby and I are doing really well. The Dr. is keeping a close eye on us and so far everything looks wonderfully. We could have a new baby within the next 4-5 weeks! We are all very excited about this new little one. Maddie though keeps informing us that she is still the baby, so I am trying to work with that!
I will try to update again soon!