Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dirty H2O

I thought that I might provide ya'll with some amusement at my expense. While I am enjoying my new life up here in Texas there are certain things that are hard to get used to. I'll tell you about one now and hopefully as they come up and as I remember I will post about some other ones.

When we first got up here it was hard for me to remember that the tap water was not dirty. I have now more or less gotten used to it, but today after being here for over 5 months I caught myself thinking...Oh no don't touch that food, you have tap water on your hands, and you will contaminate it and no one will be able to eat it! Yes go ahead and laugh at me, it's ok.


Blogger Michelle said...


oh - wait, I still don't drink tap water state side . .

10:09 PM


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