Monday, June 04, 2007

Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes

As the first anniversary of our stillbirth approaches I thought I would post a poem that a sweet friend of ours wrote. She lost her hubby a year before we lost baby Charlsie so she was really able to understand what we were going through. She printed out the poem, touched it up to look like a scrap booking page and put it on a wooden frame. I love the poem and love having a tangible reminder of our baby. I will post more on this as the time draws near but just wanted to share this poem with you all!

Tiny fingers, tiny toes. What they would have been -God only knows.

What were you to become? Who were you to be? What if it had been up to me?

Would you be a great missionary? Would you be a teacher of Gods Word?
"I'm so proud of you!" From me you would have heard.

If only I could hold you a while. Gaze upon you and see your smile.
To dream of the day that you would have bounced on my knee.
That is what I need.

Your mark was left here without even a word.
Yet, you have touched me very deeply and changed my world.

You will touch lives of all those around us. Because I am strong and
in the Lord find my solace. People will know that the Lord has upheld us.

I will always dream and wonder what was to be. What were you to become?
Who were you to be? What if it had been up to me?

BUT- God's plan is greater still. Souls will be saved because of my strong will.

AND- If I listen closely above the din of my cry, I hear the Lord say,
"Be still and know that I am God."

I share this to open a window up into our lives. Sometimes being honest is very difficult but also very necessary. I also share it because it greatly ministered to me and I hope that if you have shared a loss it will minister to you too!


Blogger Tanya Kangas said...

Wow, what an awesome poem. The tears are flowing over here! We love you guys and miss baby Charlsie dearly.

12:06 PM

Anonymous KelliG said...

What a powerful poem. I don't have words that are adequate, but that poem and your lives are mighty testimonies to me and everyone around you. Blessings. And thanks for sharing this.

6:16 PM


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