Friday, September 26, 2008

Homeschool Fun!

I have finally returned to posting photos. I know it is long overdue and many have asked so here you go! Michael gave me another short tutorial (sweet man) and now I know how to post them once again. The first three pictures are of our trip yesterday to Sea World. They opened the park up to homeschoolers and for a really reasonable fee we were able to pet dolphins, see a Shamu show and many other fun educational things! The kids had such a good time. In the picture above they are sitting in front of the alligator exhibit.

Here they are making silly faces. Yes I know Lainey has grown so very much!!!!
This morning we went to the Texas Living History Day at the local university. This was a wonderful educational experience and the kids got to see camels, tepees, lots of instruments, hear some good old fashoned Texas music, see a chuck wagon, and much much more.
In keeping with this homeschooling theme we began participating in a homeschool co-op this week as well. Micah and Maddie are taking several classes including a Lit. class, drawing class, and movements class. My part of the co-op is to volunteer in the nursery. I have really enjoyed getting to know other homeschool moms and visiting with them!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


Blogger The Stoddard's said...

Oh my goodness, they have gotten so big! And Lainey is to die for...too cute. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Keep up the pictures...

7:51 PM

Blogger Grateful for Grace said...

Yea! A post!

I wish we could have done those two things. Just not the right week for us. It looks like y'all had a great time and I'm glad. I'm impressed you went to Sea World preggers! You go, girl!

Thank you for praying for me/us!

7:55 PM

Anonymous Michael said...

I want to see pictures of the hot mamma!
-The Hubby

9:23 PM

Blogger ~kristi said...

I do not think I have ever seen your children. They are beautiful!!

6:41 PM

Blogger ~kristi said...

I added you to my blog roll, if that is not alright let me know!!

12:32 PM

Blogger P.S. He loves you... said...

sweet..and fun!

posting is allot like being an open book...I enjoyed reading about you and yours!

see ya'round!

5:24 PM

Blogger Colleen Richards said...

mmm... rhubarb pie sounds yummy perhaps you could be nice enough to share your recipe with me? Please?! Although the last thing I need is a pie that goes straight to my hips haha! Oh well...

6:30 PM

Blogger The Gossmanns said...

AWWW! I miss you all so much!

I CAN NOT believe how much Micah looks like Michael in that first pic!

And I couldn't stop smiling at the picture of the three kiddos - I can't believe how big Lainey is. It's a bit shocking! Has it been that long since we've had a play date??? Sadness.....

This is a great post, so keep them coming. Looks like you have lots of happy followers!

Many blessings to you.

8:02 PM

Blogger sethswifeforlife said...

Nice to "meet" you. Maybe since we live near each other we can meet sometime in real life. Are you talking about Tanya Kangas? Did you also know the Brock family up in Oregon? They are long time friends of ours as well. And I met Tanya through them. Did you used to live in Oregon?
Your kids are quite cute, and how funny that we were at Sea World at the same time. I was there with my SIL and her 4 kids, and everyone loved it!
Where do you live? What homeschool co-op are you involved in? What midwife have you used to birth at home? (I've had all 4 of mine at home.)
Blessings to you and your family and on the rest of your pregnancy. I have to go until April. And this throwing up every day, many times a day is getting VERY old. My kids are quite patient and understanding and I'm just grateful not to be changing diapers this time around! Trying to think of all the positive things!
God bless!

8:44 PM


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