Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fully Potty Trianed!!!!

Recently I have been thinking about the fact that Micah is 3 and is still not night-time potty trained. I was not too worried about it since I have heard that boys are slower to do this than girls and that sometimes it can take awhile. But I really did not want it to take awhile. So when I discovered the other night that Micah had taken off his diaper to go poo poo in the toilet and was fast asleep with out one on I decided to experiment. I did not put another diaper on but waited till morning to see if my theory was correct, that he would "feel" no diaper and therefor not wee wee.

Ta da! He has been dry for 2 nights in a row. I told him awhile ago that if he went a night with out wee wee in his diaper that we would really celebrate, so the next morning he got 2 cookies for breakfast. This is not a normal thing for us so it was really special for him! I am just glad to have one out of diapers!

And Maddie is not far behind. She only wears diapers when she sleeps!
I have read quite a bit about infant potty training and this whole thing with Micah made me realize that we really do condition our children to make messes in their diapers, I think I will have to give serious consideration to infant potty training when God blesses us with another little one!


Blogger Parent of The Biddles said...

We did the infant potty training and it really does work. You can check out our blog
also the book Infant Potty Basics is a good quick read and explains all you need to know to do it. Also the website is a good resource. Best of luck with the next one. Blessings

8:17 PM

Blogger Tanya Kangas said...

That is so funny, Judah had his first pee on the toilet just this morning. He looked at me and did the sign for poop and Brian took him to the toilet. No poop, but a definate pee! Yay! It's the little things in life huh?!

11:33 PM

Blogger The Stoddard's said... more diapers...expensive right! Doesn't it make you feel so good to accomplish something like that...I am hopefully right behind you!

1:54 PM


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