Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Computer Illiterate

I have finally realized why I sometimes find it challenging to post on my blog. It is because I am semi computer illiterate. I see other peoples blogs and they do cute little links and banners and all sorts of other fun things. I on the other hand am doing good to post a simple picture, but even then I do not know how to upload them from the camera. I guess I am just way to dependent on my sweet hubby....but that said I really do need to learn how to do some of these things on my own. For one to make my blog cuter and for another to attract more visitors. I think it just takes a little time to learn and I need to be willing to take that time if in fact I really do want the above benefits. Any hints you seasoned bloggers can give would be great, plus maybe asking for advice will get you to come out of your shell and post...heehee.
I really enjoy the online community that blogging has created. It is interesting feeling so connected to complete strangers, know about their lives etc....but I really enjoy it and look forward to meeting more people.
Thanks for visiting my humble blog and I look forward to trying to spif it up!


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