Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Motherhood: It's not for whimps!

To all you ladies out there that are mommies full time, I salute you! I am in my 8th day of Mr. Mom and well let’s say I would rather be digging ditches for 10 hours a day. I can hardly feed the kids and keep them entertained, LET ALONE clean the house! Laundry… that is for the day that the kids sleep in, not gonna happen. It kind of reminds me of when I was single and had 2 guy roommates, we used the smell test to see if we could wear it again. Needless to say I have employed this method as well as the if they don’t wear it they don’t dirty it method (i.e. they are pretty much naked all day).

I had this great idea that we would all try to sleep together one night in honor of Mommy’s absence(see picture below). Normally Maddie sleeps in her pack n’ play, and bedtime is at 7pm (which I might add is my most coveted hour of the day, second only to 1pm nap time) so I didn’t know how we were going to work it out since I go to bed at 10pm. But for some reason they were both still awake at 9:30pm when I was about to hit the hay, so I thought, this is my chance. I should have known. So at about 11:30 after repeated attempts to get them to settle down and GO TO SLEEP, I finally had to accept defeat and probably a “I told you so” from Charlsie when she gets backJ Maddie returned to her beloved Pack n’ Play and I went to sleep. On a side note, I graduated with a B.S. in math hence I look at things rather logically (except when I want to have a happy marriage, then I must succumb to my feelings). My point is this; the laws of logic lead me to deduce that if my children stay up 4 hours later then they will sleep in 4 hours later… FAT CHANCE! Like and alarm clock without a snooze button Maddie is up at, not 7:30am but a little earlier 7:15 am followed by Micah a little later. The only difference is that we are all cranky and get on each others nerves a lot quicker.

Anyhow, to all you mommies out there… well words can’t express how impressed I am at your ability to not only keep your kids from starving, but to take care of us husbands as well. To any of you Dads that may read this, you have to try the full-time mommy thing for a couple of days. It will humble you and make you appreciate your wife so much more!


Blogger MikeandCharlsie said...

Hey Honey,
Cute blog. I really enjoyed reading it, I have to admit laughing more than I probably should have.
Thank you so much for giving me this chance to rest, relax, and be with my friends. I will get home soon and take over so you can get a much needed break.
I love you, your esposa

8:58 AM

Blogger blackpurl said...

thanks for the post! what a compliment to all of us mommies...

12:19 PM

Blogger Michelle said...

It is lessons learned from experience. You find out real fast that the kids NEED the good nap and proper bed time or they DON'T sleep well - your right, so not logical.
I'll be having surgury soon that might require me to have a hospital stay. My husband will be in charge of the kiddos (almost 3 and 14 month old) and even though he "knows" what to do, the routine and all . . . it's like "knowing" what makes a marrage work, you really have to experience it for yourself to really "know".
Glad to hear 1)your parenting sucsess and 2) your appriciation and shout out for motherhood.

6:14 PM

Anonymous Renee said...

I pop in on your blog about once a weeks or so. I REALLY enjoyed this post! Ok I have to admit I had a great laugh at your expense ;-) lol

11:02 AM


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