Friday, September 29, 2006

Where does the time go?

I don't know what happens. I so enjoy looking at other peoples blogs but then I forget to update mine. Many people, well only my dad really, have said they are board of looking at my last blog so I decided it was time for an update. I have to admit that this blog thing is really stretching my computer skills. Yes that is embarrasing to admit, but it's true.

Update on the family....Micah and I just finished our 9th week of homeschooling. We really enjoy it and we keep it very low key. I am not a big advocate of early school but this particular system really works for us because it is mostly reading and we do that anyways.

Maddie and Micah have both been in swimming lessons. They are doing really well and having such a good time. I have to get in with Maddie but such is life. She is jumping in and holding her breath underwater, she is also well on her way to being potty trained. She initiated wanting to potty train herself and she is almost there.

Micheal has been busy working on a computer program that will really help out my moms Spanish, Christian library here.

I have been working on getting the house more organized, doing fun stuff with the kids, and losing weight. I still have 10-12 lb.'s of baby weight which I am dying to lose, so I am power walking with Emily and watching what I eat. I hope to have it off by Christmas when we go home to see family.

Below are some pictures we took yesterday. We needed a family picture for various reasons and so yesterday morning Michael informed me that we were going to do them before naptime. So I scurried around and got us presentable....hope you enjoy them.



Blogger Michelle said...

awww! I so want to get my girl into swimming lessons. But your right, time does go by SO fast!

2:21 PM

Blogger Tanya Kangas said...

Wow! The kids are getting so big! Nice family photo. Good job, it's hard to remember to do those on a consistent basis. And I love your haircut!

5:38 PM

Anonymous Mike said...

Just dropped in to wish you Happy Saturday (and Sunday, too).


12:52 PM

Blogger Carmichael Family said...

Hi Charlsie,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! My parents are missionaries in Queretaro, and I spent much of my childhood there as well.
I love the pictures of your family - your children are just beautiful! How old are they?
God bless,

5:29 AM


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