Saturday, September 02, 2006

Interesting Conversation

The other night I had another interesting conversation with Micah my 3 year old. I was doing some laundry and the kids were playing outside.

Me: Micah why are you spitting?
Micah: Because I do.
Me: Ok, yes, but why are you spitting?
Micah: Because I have diarrhea.
Me: Ummmm right ok.

He did not have diarrhea but I suppose living in a third world country where diarrhea is often mentioned made it seem perfectly logical to him.....I guess.
It gave me a laugh if nothing else.


Blogger Tanya Kangas said...

That is way too hillarious! You crack me up. Keep up the super entertaining conversations between you and Micah. We LOVE them!!!

12:40 PM

Blogger Ana Lopez said...

Hi, I've enjoyed coming to your blog once in a while but was deeply offended by your reference to Mexico as a third world country. This is a truly ignorant perception that so many foreigners feel the need to express. Why? Mexico, for your information, is actually a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY. If your objective in being here in Mexico is to enlighten people, than perhaps you need to start with yourself. Here is a link that hopefully will shed some light on First/Second/Third World countries.

6:05 PM

Blogger MikeandCharlsie said...

Hi, Michael here (husband of Charlsie)
Thanks for your honesty about how you feel about Mexico. I do admit that the term “third world country” can be a little derogatory. But from what I found by searching was that Mexico is indeed not a First World Country “In modern usage, after the end of the Cold War, the term First World has come to denote the "developed" Industrialized-Capitalistic nations that in 2000 had a higher GDP per capita than $15,000, as stated by the World Bank.” As your source states Mexico has a GDP per capita of 10,186, which is well below that of the “standard” of 15,000. My reason for replying is in effort toreveal our love for the people of Mexico and Oaxaca. We have given up a lot of things coming to Mexico, but we love the people and the culture.
In our effort to “enlighten” them we hope to free them of the many forms of bondage that are entangled in. One of which is alcoholism, which we see very frequently in the mountain villages we visit. It is not uncommon to see men passed out on the street at 10am in the morning. One of our goals is to help the indigenous people by bringing in medical, dental, optometric, and construction teams. Last year we were able to give out over $30,000 worth of donated glasses, free of charge. Enough of that lets talk about how industrialized Mexico is.
I am assuming that you live in Mexico, so you know first hand about how the sewers run directly into rivers, and how you must purchase bottled water because the tap water cause diarrhea. Or how I can drive down the street and see people living in homes that some people wouldn’t park their riding lawnmowers in. Please don’t take offence but I would hardly compare Mexico to a country that is as developed as say Canada or the UK. I wont even mention the almost anarchy that is going on around us daily.
Anyhow thanks again for you honesty, but next time please don’t be so quick to insult my wife. Not that it matters to much, but my wife was born in Mexico as was my daughter.

7:21 PM

Blogger L. Smithy said...

I found you VIA Rocks In My Dryer and thought a comment you left on Shannon's Moms for Modesty post was very interesting. You might want to check out my latest post on the subject. Thanks! =)

7:21 PM


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