Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More Oaxaca News.....

Oaxaca is getting a bit more scary....Yesterday Michael and I ventured out to take pictures and came up with these. The teachers that are striking got angry Monday when several plainclothes policemen tried to take back a television and radio station that the teachers had taken over. They began burning buses, blocking more roads, and making more threats. School was set to begin Monday but the teachers put a stop to that. Even the private Christian school here is postponing opening its doors for a week.
The top two pictures are not ones we took, they were sent to us by friends, but the others are ones we took ourselves.
Please pray for Oaxaca!!!!
I encourage you to Google Oaxaca and see what comes up so you can get a more complete story.

All of the unrest has made us a bit uneasy so Michael went to SAM's yesterday and stocked up on a bunch of groceries. We figure that if we do not end up needing them we can give them away as there are many people here who are being financially affected by this situation.


Blogger amerimeximadre said...

I was reading about Oaxaca in the news and I thought of you. I hope your family is protected during all of this. What a scary place to be right now. Prayers for you.

2:54 PM

Blogger TourPro said...

You have SAM's in Oaxaca? That is a surprise.

Oaxaca - Watch

5:20 AM


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