Thursday, October 26, 2006

Drink What!!!

Michael here:

Had to write about our latest venture in the name of "health"
My wife is wonderful and we are always making improvements in our eating habits. She is the one with all the self-control and discipline. When she decides to do something she does it. I on the other hand am more of a... how can I say it impulsive (that's the nicest word i could come up with). I have great ideas and convince myself that this time is different and that i will really follow through. My wife on the other hand takes a while to decide and then it is like no stopping her. We have currently undertaken the venture of becoming Vegans. It has not been as hard as I thought it would be, because there are some great alternatives out there and I don't miss it. Well until I get a craving for tacos.

Side note here: Tacos in Mexico are nothing like in the states, you have not had a good taco until you have been to a stand on the side of the road that has hours from 8:30pm - 4:00am. they are the best!

The vegan thing is also kind of hard when someone cooks bacon... I mean how can you pass up bacon? I heard somewhere that Seventh Day Adventist live on average 7 years longer because of their diets. They don't eat pork. I told my step-dad this one time and he said "I'll gladly give up 7 years of my life for pork". Don't know if I agree with him but bacon sure is good.

OK about our latest venture. Charlsie has wanted to do a liver cleanse because of the HEP A she contracted a while ago. Just to make sure the liver is running perfectly for the next pregnancy. So thanks to the internet (everything you find on the internet is true, right?) she found a site that gave a liver cleanse that was all natural, although as i am sitting here with my stomach rumbling and due to the fact that i have been to the restroom more times than I can count on my fingers in the last 12 hours, i must conclude that it doesn't feel natural. In short we drank 3 glasses for Epson Saltwater and a half a cup of olive oil after fasting most of the day. What was i thinking? I told Charlsie that this was probably just some made up thing so people could get a laugh.
But it turned out to be a success for Charlsie and that was all I could have hoped for.
I'll let Charlsie tell you the rest, gotta go to the restroom:)


Blogger Tanya Kangas said...

Thanks for the laughs! Brian and I sat here and read it together and of course laughed together. Lots of fun, keep up the great posts.

4:46 PM


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