Tuesday, February 13, 2007

When Mommy is Busy....

Today while I was busy making lunch in the kitchen I heard the kids laughing. They sounded a little too happy so I went to investigate. To my surprise they had gotten a hold of some gatoraid, the orange kind, and were busy pouring it into the washer. I guess they were hoping to make a mega batch of this drink! I sternly told them not to do that again and turned on the washer to rinse out the evidence. I did some laundry after that and thankfully there are no orange stains on the clothes :)

Oh and wouldn't you find it a bit disconcerting if your daughter, sweet as can be, came up to you and said, "I'm gonna shoot you mommy!" Yes that is what I thought, but let me explain. Her brother, Micah, is very much into guns right now so it's only natural that since she does everything else he does that she should enjoy guns too. I have to say though, it is one thing for my little boy to be into guns but quite another for my little girl. Oh well it makes all of us laugh!


Blogger Michelle said...

I can't remember what we were talking about, my daughter and I, but it was something about 'fighging' . . . we 'fight' here a lot, wrestle and 'sword fight' with swimming noodles . . . still it was a shocker to her her say "We fight, fight, fight" throwing her little fist into the air "until they all dead!"
Goodness! Daaaaad?! Have you been watching war movies again?

8:18 PM

Blogger Tanya Kangas said...

I love Maddie's spirit- so ready to take on the world! Henry says hello to her and Micah and not to have to much fun getting into trouble without him!

10:38 AM

Blogger 6 Pack Attack said...

Whoops me and computors don't get along. Sorry Tanya for the mix up! Henry does still say "Hi". Love ya guys- Christa

10:47 AM


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