Monday, February 05, 2007


Since we have been back I have been cleaning my home like a mad woman. First I purged I went through toys, clothes, and anything else I could think of and got rid of what we do not need. This was a wonderful opportunity to talk to the kids about sharing and giving. We discussed the fact that some kids don't have any toys and we have lots so we should share with them. By the end of our purging Micah was willingly thinking up toys to give away!

Next I am going through every room of our house and organizing them. I have finished with the master bedroom and just have the other rooms to do. It is a monumental task but I know it will be worth it when our house runs like clock work(well I can dream can't I)

I have found that if you put items in a container they look neat and are easier to store. We went to the Container Store before we came back down and I have really enjoyed using the boxes we bought there. I only wish the Container Store was here too so I could pick up some more!!!!!

Any of your great organizing tips would be much appreciated, oh and I found this blog
by accident actually but she has some great ideas!


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