Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lainey Beautiful Lainey

On Sunday our sweet little Lainey turned 1. The kids helped me bake a cake and decorate it. I had been inspired by my friend Kelly and decided to do one in the ONE shape. It was not perfect but it was still really cute.

Here is another shot of it...can you tell I am a little bit proud! I have decided to really cut down on the whole party aspect of birthdays for several reasons but I really want to make my kids a memorable cake every year. I know this goes against the flow...but hey so does most of the other things our family does!

She really liked her cake and repeatedly reached for more. She had a pretty nasty cold that day though so she only got a few small pieces. Normally I would give her her own piece and let her have at it.

Here is the sweet girl herself! She had on a really cute outfit but I took it off before the cake mess began!

Big brother Micah enjoying some cake!
The kids and I each prayed for Lainey and then said something that we really like about her.
I said that I love her happy personality and that she is a really easy going baby.
Micah likes that she takes naps so we can do school!
Maddie likes it when Lainey plays with her.


Blogger The Stoddard's said...

Happy Birthday Lainey! Can't believe that she is already 1...time flies when you have a great family! We can't wait to meet her...

1:47 PM

Blogger P.S. He loves you... said...

what a great cake..and thanks for sending out the culvers blurb..it got me out of the kitchen tonight.

8:14 PM

Blogger ~kristi said...

Happy Birthday Lainey!!

4:06 PM

Blogger Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, how sweet!! What a great cake, girl! You're family really is darling.

Happy Birthday, Lainey!!

7:10 PM

Blogger The Gossmanns said...

Happy Birthday, Lainey! She is the cutest!

And that is the greatest cake! Whoever gave you the idea for that should definitely receive a big slice of it in the mail.

KIDDING! (well, sort of...)

Love you guys!

6:41 PM

Blogger Grateful for Grace said...

I've decided to TAG you now, too!!

4:03 PM


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