Friday, July 21, 2006

It's Been Awhile

Well it has been a while since my last blog, but there are good resons for that. I will post about them soon. But for now I just wanted to show a picture of hubby and I when we went out on a date last night. Our summer staff watched the kids for us and we got all dressed up and went out on the town for some much needed couple time. My good friend Christa picked out my dress for me, after Michael asked her to at the last minute, for my birthday. I love it! We went to our favorite restaurant, La Toscana, and had wonderful adult conversation, without any interuptions except when the waiter brought more delicious food!


Blogger elnellis said...

i'm so glad you guys take the time to do dates still. i'm sure it was much needed...
you look beautiful charlsie;)

6:12 PM

Blogger Tanya Kangas said...

YAY! I love your dress Charlsie! And your yard looks great too. I am so glad you got a fun date in. Those seem so hard to come by these days huh? Good job to you! Thanks for updating your site, I love to peek in on your lives down there in beautiful Oaxaca. Hope to see or talk to you soon! Loves and kisses to the family.

5:31 PM


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